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How the land annuity capacities:

We can fulfill these wants for you: a durable alternative to live in your common home and progressively noticeable cash related degree. How? We buy your home or space. You will get a profound attached alternative to live and a month to month important annuity. Whether or not as a single individual or as a group.

A self-ruling expert prepares an assessment of your property, and we figure your annuity from it. With the legitimately affirmed affirmation of the arrangement, you get the section of the profound established right of home and annuity in the land register.

Who is equipped for the land annuity?

Home loan holders developed 70 and over who are excited about an additional advantages are equipped for the land annuity. They are given a profound attached choice to live and stay in their regular social condition. The offer applies to individuals and couples the equivalent.

Which land objects are sensible for the land annuity?

Single and multi-family houses, townhouses and business properties may be suitable for the land annuity. An accurate appraisal by an outside and self-sufficient ace designated by us is the reason of each coupling life annuity offer similarly as the open bookkeeper contract for the obtaining of the property, benefits portion and right of home.

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