How to Find Super Affiliates

In the marketing industry, Super Affiliate is the title given to outstanding affiliate partners who bring in more than 90% of company sales for you pay per install affiliate. They are superb online marketers who can do wonders for your business if you succeed in recruiting them. However, they are also elusive creatures who are not all that easy to find. But the search is over as you no longer have to hunt in vain. Here are great tips that can help you in your search for finding Super Affiliates.

Join internet marketing conferences. Super Affiliates mean business and are serious about their work. Therefore, internet marketing seminars (especially the expensive ones) are one of the most likely places where you will be able to meet a Super Affiliate face to face. You may also want to try finding out background information on the attending affiliates.

Identify the key people in your industry. The Super Affiliate will almost certainly be one of the prominent and influential figures in your field. They will undoubtedly have websites, blogs or newsletters that rank highly in search engines and a large number of subscribers or followers to boot. You can conduct the search manually through free directories or purchase customized software to locate these affiliates.

There are affiliates who invest heavily in advertising. Therefore, it pays to study the pay-per-click advertisements in your industry. Identify which ads are making money consistently and try to discover the affiliate who is sponsoring the advertisements through the link to the ad landing page. If you succeed, you could possibly find yourself a Super Affiliate who is willing to advertise your products too.

Perform some really competitive research. Invest in tools like SpyFu and Spider script to find keywords that your competitors are using; and uncover the identities of your competitors Super Affiliates and offer them a better deal with your program. Do not expect these tools to be foolproof though.

If you can not find them, reward them! Make your program stand out from the rest by giving out generous rewards. Plan your back-end system carefully so that you can afford to pay your affiliates greater incentives. This is sure to attract Super Affiliates who will be more than willing to find you customers in return for great commissions.

Use a variety of affiliate networks. Find out which networks are popular among affiliates and list your program there. This is because most affiliates work with a particular network only. If your program is attractive, you might just be able to catch the eye of a Super Affiliate who is interested in working with you!

A genuine Super Affiliate can be worth thousands of dollars to your business. If you put in enough effort, they can surely be found. However, the quest does not stop there. You do not want to merely find a Super Affiliate and leave it at that. Go on to woo them into joining your program and most importantly, keep them happy where they can continue to generate more profit for you.

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